Last update 03/30/2018


SYNTHET is standalone universal synthesizer patch editor.


  • Parameter Control: Full communication and reflection between editor and synthesizer.
  • Multiple Instances: Ability to alternate between multiple patches for editing and sound design.
  • MIDI Control: Support up to 4 midi controllers with “learn” feature.
  • Program Manager: Powerful program manager for cataloging patches. Ability to use tags, import, and export patches, load specific layers, "lock" specific parameters.
  • Sound Design: Simple creative tools allow you to create new sounds with the characteristics you need very easy.


  • DSI Mopho Desktop/Keyboard/X4
  • DSI OB-6 Keyboard/Desktop
  • DSI Pro 2 (without sequencer)
  • DSI Prophet-6 Keyboard/Desktop
  • DSI Prophet'08 Keyboard/Desktop
  • DSI Prophet 12 Keyboard/Desktop (multi mode is not supported)
  • DSI Prophet REV2 (multi mode is not supported, without poly sequencer)
  • DSI Tetra (only Program mode)

SYNTHET tutorial by Jig Dagod