Last update 08/24/2016

DSI Tetra multi editor VST 1.11

Tetra multi editor VST is a VST plugin editor for Multi Mode of DSI Tetra synthesizer. In Multi Mode, the Tetra can be used as a multitimbral sound module capable of playing up to four monophonic parts on four MIDI channels, with separate outputs for each voice.

  • Full Tetra Parameter Control: Take full control of all the Tetra's parameters. This editor will allow you to reach the Tetra's full potential by giving you complete control over all of the Tetra's parameters.
  • Real Time Editing And Automation: Have all the incredible analog sound you would expect from a Dave Smith Instruments synthesizer, with the ease and reliability of modern day VST's, it's truly the best of both worlds! You can make all your edits and adjustments in real time, and even create automation sequences as simple or complex as you like, the possibilities are endless.
  • Simple Saving: Programs can also be stored automatically within your DAW sequence. All you have to do is save your sequence, and all your programs, in all of your instances will be saved. With this feature, you can keep your workflow moving without stopping to name, or save each individual program, this is really helpful when you want to keep up your artistic momentum!
  • Program Manager: For managing your entire program library, this powerful program manager allows you to collect all of your Tetra programs into one place, and manage them with ease! You can import, and export syx files, and even use Porphet 8 and Mopho program files as well. With the new program manager, importing and exporting programs between your Tetra and hard drive make managing your library of programs easier than ever. Use the new tagging feature to categorize, and sort your programs, allowing you to find what you need instantly, without hassle.
  • Multiple Instances: You can add multiple instances of this editor within your DAW, allowing you to have multiple programs available at the same time! Simply add a new instance of the editor, or even copy a current one. You can choose which instance is active, by pressing the power button located on the instance window. Once activated, the Tetra will take on the program of the active instance, this will allow you to swap between programs on the fly!

    Supports multi mode only (not combo mode). VST 2.4.

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Tetra Multi Editor VST features preview in Ableton Live

WARNING! This editor partially don't work with Tetra OS 1.5. Correct work is reached with the version Tetra OS 1.6.19 BETA
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